S T O N E D  K I T T I E S

Stoned Kitties

I live in a house with a red picket fence
And flowers on the lawn
My friends all come to visit me
And stay until the dawn

At night for entertainment
We watch the cats get high
Chewin' on their favorite catnip toys
With dilated eyes

Stoned kitties, on the run
Stoned kitties, aren't we having fun
Of all my playful pastimes this is my favorite one
Stoned kitties, aren't we having fun

If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take
I'll come back as a feline if I may

Give me a bell, give me a bow
'Cause life is easy when you know
What's waiting at the end of the day

Which window sill will be my bed
What time will I choose to be fed
Make sure that every hair is combed and clean

I think today I'll rise at six
I'd like to try some brand new tricks
Oh look! A brand new catnip mouse for me

I keep my stash in a big black box
In kitty toys and mom's old socks
That's okay if you don't mind the fuzz

When I get stoned, I love to eat
Meow Mix is my favorite treat
It's great to be a cat and cop this buzz!

-  words and music by Kathy Burch Simpson © 1980

kathy burch: acoustic guitar, vocals, jaw harp
barry hensley: acoustic guitar
dave carpenter: upright bass
steve barnes: drums
groups vocals: kathy burch, gary hill, and steve butts
stoned kitty voice: ric michael