K A T H Y  B U R C H / T R I O  1976 - 1977

Miami Valley Golf Club - Dayton Ohio
WYSO Live Radio Broadcast - Yellow Springs Ohio
Jay's Restaurant - Dayton Ohio

Kathy Burch - keyboard/guitar/vocals
Steve Speelman - drums/vocals
Mike Sharfe - bass/vocals

Kathy worked at Jay's Restaurant in the Oregon
District of Dayton from June of 1976 to January of
1977. Accompanying herself on grand piano and
acoustic guitar, she played 5 nights a week enter-
taining the dinner crowd and those who came for a nightcap.

In October Kathy built a trio into her act. With the
talents of Mike Sharfe on bass and Steve Speelman
on drums, the group's shows featured top-40 songs, medleys, and tight vocal harmony.




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