K A T H Y  &  B R E C K  1972 - 1974

Pleasant Street - Dayton Ohio
Newman Center Concert - Columbus Ohio
Steak and Ale Restaurant - Dayton Ohio
The Turf Club - Dayton Ohio
Dominic's Restaurant - Dayton Ohio
Sycamore Country Club - Dayton Ohio
Houndstooth Lounge - Dayton Ohio
Carousel Inn - Wilmington Ohio
Holiday Inn Nine Mile Road - Detroit Michigan
Sacksteder's - Dayton Ohio
Dave Steele Summertime Television Show

Kathy and Breck got together after Zsa Zsa where both had been band members.

With a softer sound, they traveled around Ohio and Michigan performing in supper clubs and lounges. The duo also guest-starred on a local television entertainment program.

Breck and Kathy incorporated keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin and flute in their performances. They also wrote and performed original material.

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