WHITE DOVE – (by Kathy Simpson) 4:18

I wrote this song back in the early 1970's, not realizing at the time that it would come to be a song about my father's passing two years ago. It seemed like the perfect way to end the CD. Again, the very talented John Taylor played all the instruments and orchestrated the arrangement.

  • Kathy Simpson – vocals
  • John Taylor - arrangement, orchestration

"It's over and now I feel a lot of pain
The Holy Man with a lot of soul left late last night
And I think it's gonna rain
I feel restless, but I've learned to wait inside
My little white dove, come out,
Come on out from where you hide

The Holy Man was tender, he wore,
Hhe didn't wear no strange disguise
He said “love is an ember” and I saw it in your eyes
But now the day is colder and the colors have run dry
The wood is moist and yellow
Where the white dove used to fly

I stand like a lonely ship at sea
I dodge the warmth and the heat of the night
And I dream of feeling free
But who will be my savior be my anchor in the storm
Cause my little white dove is gonna fly away
Fly away… you're free"

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