VAGABOND Kathy Simpson (4:43)

A song about deceit and the possibility of karma

  • Kathy Simpson guitar, vocals
  • Mike Sharfe bass
  • Brian Baverman - drums

"No one heard the whisper
When she willed herself away
No one saw them seal the deal
Then go their separate ways
He was famous and blameless and shameless
Together they were perfume and cocaine

She said she'd always love him
He said she made him whole
But he had used those words before
And how was she to know
That in her darkest hour
The cost of him would bring her to her knees

He'd say Vagabond, if you're truly a child of God
Vagabond, you'll forgive the debts I owe, just let them go
Vagabond, doesn't matter what road you're on
Vagabond, life just goes in, and out through the other side

She thought her love would change him
He thought she loved his ways
And though she sold her soul to him
He knew he'd never stay
He was wild, defiled, unreconciled
Together they were perfume and cocaine

He never promised anything
So he'd never be to blame
She might be bent and broken,
He'd never feel the shame
He was ruthless and truthless and smiled to himself
Together we were perfume and cocaine"

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