MY SHINING HOUR Kathy Simpson (3:59)

Written in 1980 following a guest appearance on "Live Music Crawling Out Your Radio" at WYSO in Yellow Springs Ohio, this song originally appeared on my album, "Girls Don't Play Rock and Roll." Now, 30 years later, Randy Villars and I try a different approach to the song.

  • Kathy Simpson vocals
  • Randy Villars piano

"I was making my own shining hour
On the FM Radio
I was singing so sweet, I was playing my best
I would do all the tunes on the phone-line request
But the studio audience was not on their feet
The room's dark and empty and so are the seats
The engineer whistles and keeps time with the beat
And it's me, in my shining hour
Playing songs on the radio

I was five thousand watts full of power
With three more songs to go
Won't someone call in a request on the line
Let me know that you're listening and I'll be just fine
The engineer lights up one more cigarette
Hello, are you listening out there?
The 2 a.m. news will be on, but not yet
'Cause it's me, in my shining hour
Playing songs on the radio

Going home in the wee early hours,
From the FM studio
I just roll down the windows and roll up the hill
Faster and faster I take it until
I hear haunting melodies all through my head
Wond'ring where are the sugar plums dancing instead?
It's over, all over"

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