I'M GONNA MAKE YOU MY MAN (Kathy Simpson) 3:13

"Make You My Man" is something different from about anything else I've written. Arrangement by Mike Sharfe. Features Rusty Burge on vibes.

  • Kathy Simpson guitar, vocal
  • Mike Sharfe bass, vocal
  • Brian Baverman drums
  • Rusty Burge vibes

"Dangle your tootsies in the water
Wiggle your toes in the sand
Call me your peach while we walk on the beach
I'm gonna make you my man

Pick me a pocket-full of posies
Pour me a glass of champagne
If you'll just forget her, I'll do you one better
I'm gonna make you my man

That girl will ask you for diamonds
Diamonds will turn into dust

Give me sweet butterfly kisses
Spin me in circles and then
We'll run down the hill like Jack and his Jill
I'm gonna make you my man

That girl will drink you like water
Drink you until you run dry

Let's cuddle and call me your cupcake
Let's dance in the dark until dawn
The man in the moon is telling me soon
I'm gonna make you my man"

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